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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What the fuck is a Crack Hoe?
A: A Crack Hoe or Crack Whore, is a woman who will do practically anything. You can find a Crack Hoe on any street corner, building , or neighboorhood, where there are known activities, and or dealers. Crack Hoes Party!
(pic);They love it!

Q: What can I expect from Real Crack Hoes.com?
A: "You can expect to see (crazy-sick) footage- from a world unknown... Reality At Its Best!"

Q: Where did you film the movie "Street Dreams"?
A: We went to some of the worst Ghettos, Crack Houses, & Dope Holes to find these Crack Hoes. We risked being robbed, killed, and who the hell knows what else? I mean we're getting these Crack Hoes right off the Avenue(the block). Street Dreams - The Video is the most Realistic, Hardcore - Street footage, ever! We give it you Raw & Uncut!
See for yourself---->
View "Street Dreams" Video Trailer

Q: Is the movie "Street Dreams" illegal? Can i get in any trouble for ordering it?
A: Hell No! - But you better get it now! Get it while its hot, raw, and uncut!

Q: How long is the video "Street Dreams"?
A: 58 minutes

Q: Do we ship "Street Dreams - The Video" internationally?
A: Yes. International shipping is $10. and takes about 3 weeks. The VHS is NTSC format. The DVD is multi-regional, it plays everywhere in the world.

Q: Can I order "Street Dreams - The Video" by check or money order?
A: Yes. Send your check or money order, payable to:
"Digital Devil Inc." / 247 S.W. 8th Street #278 / Miami, FL 33130-3513 (don't forget to specify the product, quantity, and DVD or VHS).

Q: What is the delivery time on orders?
A: Standard shipping is 1 to 3 weeks. Priority shipping is 2 to 5 business days.

Q: Can I view "Street Dreams - The Video" Online?
A: Yes!
The Video "Street Dreams" Is Now Available Online.
We support quicktime and windows media player at both highspeed and dial-up connections.
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Q: I am not able to view the RealCrackHoes Video Preview.
A: You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker to view our video preview- or you can go to this direct link: http://realcrackhoes.com/vid0.htm

Q: How do I contact someone at Real Crack Hoes.com?
A: Click on the appropriate link:


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